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The Usual

Most appointments are a bath, trim, teeth, and nails for a single rate. Exact pricing depends on how big, hairy, and dirty your dog is. Call us.



Diamond in the Ruff

We use specially formulated shampoos and conditioners to promote a healthy coat and warm water for your dog’s comfort. For their safety, all dogs are hand-dried and brushed out by one of our trained staff.

Flea Treatment


Fleas Happen

Pricing is based on size of your pet. We only use all natural citrus based flea shampoo. This treatment will eliminate any fleas that are present on the dog at the time of grooming. It is recommended that owners speak to their veterinarian about oral or topical treatment options for long-term control. *To ensure a flea free shop, any dog found to have fleas will automatically receive a flea treatment at owner’s expense.

Hot Oil



Whether it’s dry skin from weather or allergies, our hot oil treatment can help ease your dog's discomfort. Our luxury conditioners use only the best natural ingredients to moisturize the skin while leaving the coat static free, soft ,and smelling great.



Need a Trim

Every groom include: a bath, ears cleaned, nails trimmed, glands checked, and teeth brushed. Your pet is deodorized and styled according to breed-standard patterns. If you're looking for something out of the ordinary, just ask for a custom cut.

Nail Clip


That's Better

Our walk-in nail service is great for dogs that need a quick maintenance trim between groomings or for clients who prefer not to clip nails at home.



That Wasn't a Cat

We’ve all been there. We use a safe and non-toxic treatment formulated to help eliminate the skunk odor from your pet. If your pet was sprayed in the nose and mouth, the skunk odor may take time to completely dissipate.

Spa Facial


Face It

Pamper your pet with Waggin Tails’ all natural spa products! Especially useful for dogs with heavy beards and fluffy faces, a facial can eliminate any unpleasant facial odor.